Brendan Fairclough's acclaimed A Dog’s Life TV series is Back after popular demand! After the massive success of season one we just couldn’t call it there, so Brendog and friends are proud to present to the world Dog’s Life Season 2 “the travel diaries.”

As you all remember A Dogs Life is all about epic times on and off the bike!  Steezy riding, amazing locations, fun, friends ,laughs and lagers.  Season 2 has been dubbed the "travel diaries" due to the simple yet highly successful formula – Going biking in the best places the world has to offer.

Brendog: “Creating season two was easier, I just thought to myself where do I want to go on holiday with my bike and what’s the most fun we can have while we’re there. Throw in a couple of the usual suspects and a few new exciting riders on the tour and make sure its filmed in the best way possible to share with you all…” 

“After the pandemic I was just missing the carefree fun of going somewhere epic to ride with your friends so much that we focused DL season 2 on just that and hoped it would get you all at home fired up to get you and our bike on your dream location. You can’t really go wrong mixing biking and friends in the worlds sickest location but for season two we really went all out to show you a little more about my favourite places to ride, what to do, where to eat and how to get the most out of these amazing locations.”

Ep 1 of Season two is now live featuring Brendan’s continued obsession with the island of Madeira – It’s been the home of many a Brendog project and now we finally get to share with you everything Brendan loves about the island. 

Episode 2, 3 and 4 of Season two will be coming out over the next 3 months. Expect alpine adventures, exotic places on the far side of the glob we have never ridden bikes before and a big slice of home.  

Keep an eye glued to @Brendog1 for all the updates on the following episodes and behind-the-scenes action from the whole series.